Our Policies

Payments.  All payments are due upon delivery of the inflatable, rental items and/or services.  Cash or checks are accepted. We reserve the right to charge up to 5 times the amount of any returned checks and bank fees.

Cancellations.  You can call and cancel your rental at any time; however, your deposit is nonrefundable.  You can choose to use your deposit towards another rental if you wish to reschedule for a different day for up to three months.

Weather Policy.  If it is raining the morning of the scheduled delivery, we will not start deliveries until the rain has stopped.  Rain can be a hazard due to slipping and electrical shock near the blower; winds of greater than 14 MPH can be potentially hazardous due to the inflatable blowing over with children in or on it.  As inclement weather is beyond our control, we recommend you have an alternate indoor location for your party.  If not, you must call and cancel your rental before we deliver it to you.  If you do receive your rental and severe weather (rain, high winds, lightning) occurs, there are no discounts or refunds available.  Once the rental is set up, you are responsible for the full amount of the rental.  We reserve the right to cancel your reservation if severe weather conditions exist or are predicted during the time of your rental; however, your deposit is still nonrefundable.

Delivery. We cannot reserve an inflatable without a deposit for each item.  We require a nonrefundable deposit to reserve each rental for your event.  This deposit is subtracted from your total balance due upon delivery.  All deposits are nonrefundable; however, if your rental is cancelled, the deposit may be used towards a future rental within three months of the original scheduled rental date.  We accept deposit payments by credit card, money order, or business checks.  Remaining balance is due upon delivery and accepted in payments of cash or business checks only.

At the time of delivery, the Lessee will have the deposit and rental fees on hand before equipment will be set up. There will be a $15 charge per 20-minute wait time if funds are not available upon arrival. It is up to the discretion of delivery agent to remain and wait for funds or to cancel the equipment rental. An additional trip fee will be charged if a second delivery attempt is requested.

Safety and How to Minimize Damaging the Inflatable. Again, safety is always first when it comes to children.  All units must be supervised by an adult.  Inflatables require a minimum of one supervisor per unit. 

The customer will to abide all rules written on safety notices on the front of the bouse houses. Failing to abide by rules that result in damage or injury will be the sole responsibility of the Lesee.

Cleaning. Please note there is a $20.00 cleaning deposit added into all party rentals. If waterslide is setup on a dirt surface, there will be a $100 additional charge (dirt location to be approved at time of setup by Prescott Party Rentals).


Important Rules to Follow 

  1. No somersaults, rough housing or flips allowed.
  2. No hanging from, rocking, or sitting on edges of inflatables because injuries can occur.
  3. No sharp objects in or on the Equipment.
  4. Silly string and fireworks are strictly prohibited near the Equipment.  You will be responsible for the $3,000 replacement cost of the Equipment if silly string gets on the Equipment.
  5. No smoking, liquid (except water on water slides), candy, gum, or food is allowed in or on the Equipment.
  6. Slide down feet first on slides and one person at a time only.
  7. No hitting people in the head with joust poles.
  8. All children must take their shoes off before entering or climbing onto inflatable.  
  9. Always have adults present to supervise
  10. NO food or drinks on or in units
  11. ALL people must remove shoes
  12. No diapers or pull ups on water slides
  13. Do NOT allow children to enter until fully inflated
  14. NO pets of ANY KIND allowed on/in units
  16. Shut down unit if winds exceed 15 mph
  17. Moonwalks - 5-7 children NO ADULTS
  18. NEVER climb of interior or exterior walls
  19. Unit will deflate if the power fails. Exit ASAP

*Prescott Party Rentals reserves the right to cancel at any time due to bad weather conditions*

*If water is used on a unit that is not designed for water, there will be a 25.00 charge.
*Water Slides- Never use detergent or anything other than water on the water slides.
*Lessee understands that any damage to any product that is caused by misuse or mistreatment will result in the LESSEE being financially responsible for repair or replacement!


Weather. Bad weather can arrive in the form of rain, lightning, or strong winds.  In each case, you must evacuate the inflatable as quickly as possible.  Stay calm and stay focused on your job, which is to help your guests exit the unit quickly, but in an orderly fashion.  After everyone has exited the unit, deflate the unit by unplugging the blower or fan.

Loss of Electrical Power.  This situation tends to cause panic.  Please remain calm because you will have ample time to help your guests exit safely and quickly.  Each person must exit the unit.  Check to see if the unit has become unplugged.  If so, plug the unit back into the outlet and the unit will reinflate. 

Damage.  If the unit becomes damaged (ripped or gets a hole) while in your operation, have the guests exit the unit.  Write down what happened, when, and any other details you observed and contact us immediately.  Also, do not attempt to continue to operate the inflatable. 

Capacity for Moonwalks.  Compatible age groups must play in the unit at the same time.  Age groups should not be mixed on moonwalks.  You must restrict the number of children in an inflatable as follows:  ages 2-8 years old = 8 children; ages 9-13 years old = 7 children; ages 14 and older = 4 people.

Preparation. Depending on the inflatable, please provide a 20x20 foot area at a minimum (with the exception of the slide which need 25ftX35ft) for us to place your inflatable.  This area must be clear of branches, fences, inclines and any other obstructions.  If you plan to have us setup on concrete or asphalt, then we need to be informed because sandbags will need to be laid down. The bounce site needs to be relatively level.  A standard 110-volt outlet within 100 feet is required for operation.  If you are planning to set up at a city park then you must call that park in advance to let them know you are having an inflatable there.  Most parks require a one day permit pass to have an inflatable setup and can take up to ten days to process.

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