Our Policies

We at Prescott Party Rentals want to provide the best service possible to you,and your loved ones. In order for this to take place, we encourage you to read our policies to avoid any misunderstandings.

First of all we want to let you know that once you sign this contract you promise to abide by the rules, and in the case that anything happens to our equipment due to weather conditions ( high winds, rain, or lightning); or due to your, and /or your guests negligence (whether they are kids, or adults) you, and only you are totally responsible for the costs of any damage, or total loss of any, or all of the equipment.


You don’t need to pay any money, until the equipment is delivered (payment for equipment, and services is due at the time of delivery). However, if your order amounts to more than $500 dollars, you will be asked for a deposit of 10% of your total bill. As the amount of the equipment is greater when you rent more equipment, we expect you to understand that we have a greater risk of not renting to others in case you cancel; therefore, if you cancel your order more than 3 weeks prior to your event, we promise to give you your deposit back. However, if you cancel 3 weeks or less prior to your event, Prescott Party Rentals will keep your deposit. Please make sure you have your payment on hand upon arrival of your delivery time (waiting for payments is one of the reasons we start getting late for other customers waiting for us). Payments can be made in cash, check (local only please), credit, or debit card (3% convenience fee added), zelle, or venmo.

Delivery, and pick up:

We at Prescott Party Rentals strive to be on time 100% of the time. However, there are times when we can be late (up to 1 hour) due to unprecedented circumstances. By signing this contract you agree to not ask for an explanation (this is only one of the reasons why we get backed up). Also, please make sure that the place where you expect us to leave your tables, and chairs is ready, and the pathway to it is clear. The price for tables, and chairs is for delivery only (not for set up). We can set up your tables for an additional fee per table.

As with the tables, and chairs; if you rent a bounce house, or waterslide, please make sure that the place where you want your bounce house/waterslide to be set up at is ready, and free of obstructions (no branches in the way, big rocks, big weeds, poles, powerlines, or other objects that will hinder our performance). In addition, please make sure that all fences, walls, trees, and other objects are at least 2 ½ feet away from any side of the slides, or bounce houses. Please also make sure that there is no dog poop where we will be working, or setting up inflatables. It is also your responsibility to make sure that there is enough space to set up the bounce houses, or water slides. Please don’t make us waste our time coming to your place just to find out there is not enough space to set up bounce houses, waterslides, or canopies.

When it is time for us to pick up the equipment you rented, we ask you to please bear with us. We cannot be in 20 places at one time. Therefore, if the day we are picking up your equipment you are planning to be out of the house let us know in advance (again, don’t make us waste our time, since we have several orders to pick up). Your equipment can be picked up anywhere from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Important Notes:

Remember that by signing this contract you admit to be liable for any, and all of the equipment that you rent as long as the equipment is in your possesion regardless of whether the equipment was damaged by your guests, or by nature.

Once the equipment is delivered, there will be no discounts, or return of money because you didn’t use the equipment, there were not enough guests, nature didn’t cooperate, or any other problem you migth face while the equipment is in your possession.

If your guests rip the net(s) in the bounce house(s), or waterslide(s), you agree to pay up to $150 dollars per damaged net.

We at Prescott Party Rentals understand that all of our customers deserve our complete respect, and our attention; however, we also think that we as well deserve to be treated in the same manner. We, as many other bussineses are just conducting a service in the same way possible. We appreciate that you treat us with the same respect we treat you, and don’t look down on us.

As you sign this contract you should be aware that you are being advised to follow certain rules while using the bounce houses, or waterslides. You are also being advised to follow these rules. Failures to follow this rules can result in serious injuries in some cases, and /or death if not complying. YOU ACCEPT COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY for any of these problems that might happen due to negligence of not following the rules.

Make sure that there is a competent adult ALWAYS watching the kids that are using the bounce house(s), or waterslide(s).

No food allowed on any inflatable. People (and especially kids) can choke, while jumping, or going down a slide.

No hard toys of any kind, sharp objects, jewelry, glasses, or anything that can harm anyone while using the inflatables.

Don’t allow kids to turn on and/or off the inflatables. Remember that if you rented the inflatable, you are liable for any problems this might cause.

Keep kids of the same age, and/or weigth in the bounce houses.

Make sure nobody is standing at the bottom of the slide when somebody is sliding down.

Check the stakes periodically to make sure they are not coming out. If they do, make sure to re-stake them well in the ground.

In case of winds getting higher than 18 miles per hour make sure to bring everyone out of the bounce house(s), or waterslide(s), and wait till the winds calm down to allow people on them again.

No somersaults, or backflips on inflatables. Use of silly string is totally prohibited inside bounce houses, or waterslides.

Do not use a dry bounce house as a water bounce house. If you do this you agree to pay up to $60 dollars more for negligence.

Overall, use common sense, and good judgment when using, or allowing people to play in the inflatables.

Prescott Party rentals does not set up water slides on dirt, weeds, sand, or weeds that look like grass. If you say you have grass to set up the waterslide(s), make sure it is real grass. We will not make any exceptions.

Prescott Party Rentals and its representatives will not set up any bounce houses in muddy landscapes, regardless of whether you put, or not a tarp under it.

We don’t set up bounce houses under trees where a lot of leaves are falling during autumn. We don’t set up water slides very close to pines bigger than 8 feet tall, unless you give a deposit on top of your payment for $50 dollars more. If you don’t clean all of the pine needles, or falling leaves out of the bounce house, or water slide we will not refund your deposit.

By signing this contract you also agree that once we set up the bounce house, or water slide where you told us to set it up; neither you, nor your guests will move them to a different place. If you move them you will be totally responsible for any ruptures on the bounce house(s), and/or waterslides, or accidents this might cause.

All participants need to remove shoes before using water slides, or bounce houses. No climbing inside or outside nets of the bounce house

Once again, we reserve the right to cancel any inflatable, or canopy due to bad weather, or people disrespecting Prescott Party Rentals employees. Thank you for your business, and patronage.